Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A day at the beach

Charlotte & I playing in the ocean!
I had forgotten just how fun the beach is.

I haven't been in years and Charlotte has never been.  How could I have waited 4 1/2 years to take her to such a wonderful place?
 We only live 45 minutes from this beach but I never seem to have the time.

That is changing today!  

Yes, it's time to re-join the rest of the happy people.
My sister Tara & and husband Curtis
We spent the entire day with my sister and her family (lucky them they get to stay all week they're camping).
Me and my sistaaaa
These photos truly inspire me!!!

My dear friend Mika and her baby Hana 
My baby sister Lizzy, Charlotte & Me
Girls acting silly on the beach!
Anything better than little girls building sand castles?

My favorite picture of the day.  My Charlotte!
My nephew Zac with his friend.  They don't even notice the dolphins right in front of them.
Mommy and Charlotte hav'in fun.

I need lots more days like this!!!!

That's all for now....

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