Saturday, January 4, 2014

52 Lists To Discover Myself This Year

This year I have declared 2014 the year of ME!  This year I'm going to try to re-discover what I love to do, who I want to be and what it takes to make me happy!  I'm sick of the old Dawn who is too tired to enjoy life anymore.  I don't even remember what makes me happy and what I like to do.  Here's to finding out just what makes me tick.  

So I found this great site and I am going to try her 52 Lists (you can find her at or you can just follow me here.  A list for each week of the year full of inspiration, motivation, discovery and so much more.  Join me on this journey of self discovery and make your own lists.    
52 Lists

 Week 1: List the Words That Touch Your Soul

 Hope     Home     Family     Wine     Silence      Security     Beauty     Joy     Sunshine     Comfort     Strength     Community     Passion     Peace     Food     Happiness     Wisdom     Grace     Flowers     Giving     Breathe      Sisters     Excitement     Mom     Compassion     Grounded     Journey     Priorities     Friendship     Funny     Strength     Trust     God     Beginnings     Gracious     Travel     Relax     Bling     Refined     Daughter     Smart     Sons     Loving     Relationships     Sexy     Marriage     Healthy     Creative     Calm     Energy     Sweet     Grandmere

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