Monday, February 28, 2011


I have belonged to a book club this last year and I just love it.  Not only do I find myself reading things I never would have picked by myself, but some of these books I actually like!

In addition, I get to spend time with the most amazing women.  Many I have known for almost 10 years, but others are new and just as wonderful, either way it's my time away, just for me and I get to share a couple of hours with women who are funny and insightful and really love life.   The only draw back is it's an hour drive to attend the group, bummer but worth it.

Yesterday we met and discussed an awesome book, Helen of Pasadena, by Lian Dolan.  And guess what, she was there to discuss the book with us and she signed all of our books.

This book is hilarious.  I grew up in Pasadena California and much of my family is still there and this book could not be more spot on about what life is like there for moms.  However, as we discuss things, it was clear that all women can truly relate.

I have enjoyed this so much that I am thinking of starting my own book club in my neck of the woods.  This is definitely on the reading list.

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