Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ahhhhh Massage

Ahhhhh I had a wonderful massage last night!  

Now I normally would not have indulged in such behavior
given my current economic situation.  

However, I have a contract with a local massage provider that I am 
obligated to each month for a year that was purchased
before my sudden "set back". 

Anyway I digress.  

As I lay there last night for my hour massage
I began to think of all of the wonderful and not so wonderful
women in my life that could benefit from such an experience.  

My wish for all my women friends and foe is to 
go ahead, take this time for yourself and get a massage, there
are lots of places to go besides fancy expensive spas, you just have to 
look around and do a little homework. 

Tips I can bring to the table... do it in the evening after work
and dinner, go in your pj's or the equivalent comfortable clothing,
have a really nice glass of wine before you go,
get completely naked (it's much better and you have a sense of FREEDOM),
close your eyes and don't talk during the massage at all!

I almost fell asleep last night on the table and went home
feeling fabulous.  

As women we have so much on our plates and we don't
always make time for ourselves.  I'm glad I'm locked into a year
contract for my monthly relaxation, not quite sure what
I'd do without it.


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