Monday, January 17, 2011

Stop the Madness

Oh how I wish I had will power, but sadly it is not a gift god gave me.  Every ounce of me wants to share that I've had a great week, that I've lost weight, that I feel great!

But let's face it diets SUCK!  

I'm not giving up like most of America on their New Years Resolutions, but I'm stopping my madness!  I am no longer thinking about what I'm eating and planning my every mouthful (only to gain weight this week, 151 pounds, measurements still the same).  I have decided that I just need to relax and eat food in moderation and get my behind off the couch as much as possible.  

More than anything I just want to feel GOOD again!!!!! 

It appears that this journey is going to take some time. Not the quick process I was hoping for.  

To all of you out there struggling with your resolutions, take a break and reflect on what you really want and allow yourself to breath and enjoy life today.  Isn't feeling good and happy the real result of our resolution that we are looking for?  


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